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Park Professional Group's commitment

The Park Professional Group's commitment to provide quality therapeutic mental health and wellness services has served Fremont and surrounding areas since 1998 and continues to grow; serving individuals, couples, children and families.

Comfortable Setting

In our comfortable setting, you can speak with a professionally trained and licensed counselor about your concerns, how you can feel better and improve your relationships. Your privacy and confidentiality are assured. Each therapist works within the ethical and legal guidelines set forth by the State of Nebraska and the national boards accrediting their practice.

Collection of Professionals

We are a collection of mental health professionals whose training and expertise complement one another's. Each brings their specialized education and experience to your process of personal growth, improved well-being and enhanced relationships.

We Work Together

The Park Professional Group works together with community agencies and professionals including physicians, schools, attorneys and the court system and can help you find the resources available to meet your needs.

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